Interview with Nuno Ramos in the context of the Opening exhibition at Francisco Fino Gallery

Rita Anuar

Galeria Francisco Fino is delighted to share Rita Anuar's article on Nuno Ramos' solo show Opening, titled Interview with Nuno Ramos in the context of the Opening exhibition at Francisco Fino Gallery, in Umbigo Magazine.


"I found the idea of monument curious. On the one hand, when you mention Musil in the piece you wrote for the exhibition, it seems that the monument is a way of acting on memory, either to remember or to forget. Today we find politically compromised interventions over monuments, erasing them, for instance. This leads us to think once again about the monument.

Traditional monuments are making sense again, which is somewhat bizarre. There is a huge counter-monument movement now, for example the Vietnam counter-monument in Washington. Germany has counter-monuments, one of them is progressively encroaching on the ground. It’s a lead monument where people wrote things and it sinks into the earth. There’s the Jewish fountain, where you only see a crack and the water is pouring in. All these are exercises in counter-monumentality. We assumed that these figurative symbols of memory, with the generals and their muses, had been exhausted. In the post-war period, this became abundantly clear. It seems that our time, with its obsession with liberality, has once again embodied that side. And then people knock them down and throw them in the river. It seems to me that there’s a desire for symbolisation that cannot be achieved by taking one down and putting another up."

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7 Mar 2023