Marta Soares

Galeria Francisco Fino is delighted to announce Marta Soares’ participation in the group show Interferências, at maat, from March 30th to September 5th.


±MaisMenos±, António Alves, Abdel Queta Tavares, Alfredo Cunha, Ana Aragão, Ana Hatherly, António Contador, António Cotrim, Apollo G, Blac Dwelle, Carlos Bunga, Carlos Stock, Diogo "Gazella" Carvalho, Diogo VII , Ernesto de Sousa, Fidel Évora , Filipa Bossuet, G Fema, Gonçalo Mabunda, Herberto Smith, Herlander, Isabel Brison , Julião Sarmento, Julinho KSD, Kiluanji Kia Henda, Luís Campos, Lukanu, Mantraste e moradores do PER11, Marta Pina, Marta Soares, Mónica de Miranda, Né Jah, Onun Trigueiros, Nuno Rodrigues de Sousa, Obey SKTR, Petra Preta, Primero G, Rappepa Bedju Tempu, Rico Zua , ROD (Rodrigo Ribeiro Saturnino), Rodrigo Oliveira, Sepher AWK, REAL G.U.N.S, Tony Cassanelli (Aurora Negra), Tristany, Tropas di Terrenu, Unidigrazz, Wasted Rita, xullaji

Curated by Alexandre Farto, António Brito Guterres, Carla Cardoso


The cultural diversity that characterises Lisbon does not soften the many stories of a segmented and antagonistic metropolis. Interferences is an exhibition that affirms different expressions of urban culture, exploring narrative itineraries of the city in a conversation that prioritises the museum as a critical space where various communities and sensibilities come together – those part of the establishment who frequent it and those subordinate who are unfamiliar with it – as a starting point for new beginnings. maat will therefore be a platform for attempted utopias, timeless struggles, emerging tensions, stories told and yet to be told.


Organised by sections, the exhibition addresses various themes that structure the design of the metropolis, engaging in dialogues this stage and its actors. These themes will provide the tagline for a programme of events which will contribute to the narrative in Interferences. Some of these will generate contributions that will be incorporated into the exhibition, making it a dynamic project that reveals itself to the public over the course of six months.


Aiming to make other social aspects of the city visible, Interferences places in dialogue works by contemporary artists who use the streets as a context for expression and experimentation with works from institutional and private collections, emphasising alternative narratives that attempt to question the public about the city, asking what urban space and artistic and cultural institutions can be constructed by including new voices in the process.



30.03.2022 - 05.09.2022


Lisbon, Portugal

30 Mar 2022