22 May - 31 Jul 2020

Gabriel Abrantes | Juan Araujo | Vasco Araújo | José Pedro Cortes | Diogo Evangelista | Carla Filipe | Karlos Gil | Adrien Missika | Marta Soares | Héctor Zamora


The recent vocabulary around mandatory confinement weaves a swinging semantics moored in our homes. Domesticity is occupied by hashtags, daily statistics, tele-performances, online platforms, all assuring that it becomes a space of production and release as much as it is a border, a bounding, a crippling. It is much too soon to pretend we are already looking at all this from the “other side”, the wreckage is still happening.


Hence, this exhibition is not a commentary on the current situation, does not wish to position itself as an index of works reflecting on/about the pandemic or its preemptive aftermath. It is rather a selection bearing on the contextual, an instance which frames the conditions that are forced upon us – as a (young) gallery, as artist(s), as audience(s): works which see themselves brought to a frictional co-presence, which would most likely never find a “reason” to happen together except that we are “homebound”, which means that one of the paramount features of the art system (besides its precarity and inequality) is halted – movement, circulation, travel, the striking ever-expanding network which guarantees that it too binds together more and more people. So, we are summoning a selection of works which thinks through the extraordinary circumstances we are experiencing.


Whereas exhibitions are usually moments to present/encounter new works, we are taking this time to present “feeders” to more recent production, works which we hope will broaden the knowledge of the gallery’s artists, as well as our program. The conductor of this dialogue is the sharing of this homeboundness, which plagues them, which infects us.