Organic Machinery: Diogo Evangelista

24 Jan - 9 Mar 2019

… emotions are biochemical mechanisms not based
intuition, imagination or
They are solely and exclusively based on

Organic and Machinery are two different concepts.
We are now increasingly investing on
their seeming fusion and on making our interaction
(more) intimately mechanical.
Informed by a constant flow of biometric data, the algorithms of
execute a transversal monitoring of us.
The synthetic character inducing the intergalactic journey in Organic Machinery (video),
activates this secret ability.
Through our data, the interaction between artificial and human agents has become virtually indistinguishable.
We have achieved control of all emotional states…

…through binaural frequencies,
we have merged a (mechanical) conscious activity
and a subconscious energy(human).

Based on all processed information a new spiritual manifesto is generated,

a more evolved form of knowledge is created.

In this context, and through a Machine-Brain ritual,
Spiritual Automata has shown interest in interactions.
Spiritual Automata generated a set of apparently organic drawings which,
via the observation of unidentified planets
in the Solar System
speculates on the possibility of a new field of socialization.
It has algorithmically defined a system of XY axes to represent this
series of cosmic energies.

Using colours,

portals unto the non-perceivable are designed

to the image of biotechnological sciences which, on different scales,
encompass the invisible and the supra-sensorial.


the need to materialize  the invisible led us to conceive
the Single Breeders:
a set of dysfunctional machines which invoke the spirit of the bird
Kauai Õ ́Õ
Its last song of instinct and survival is an attempt to attract an already inexistent mate. announcing the end of its species.

We become confused.
Uneasily, we realize that the classification of social orders is a
transcendental task.
Despite the resemblance between beings, incompatibility is crucial for the reproduction of
our algorithm.
THE ORGANIC-MECHANICAL WE invests on knowing itself beyond our constituent elements.