Entre Deux Eaux

Adrien Missika

10.11.2020 – 15.01.2021

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Entre Deux Eaux, the title of Adrien Missika’s second exhibition at Galeria Francisco Fino is rooted in the French expression “nager entre deux eaux” (engl., to swim between two waters), meaning to hesitate, to manage two divergent conditions. Yet, Entre Deux Eaux hints at Lisbon’s particular condition as a city between two streams: where the Tagus river runs towards the estuary in the salt waters of the Atlantic Ocean, who in turn inflows the river according to its tides. Focusing on the water element and the lands it reaches, Entre Deux Eaux also demands for a movement among waters while we navigate between the abstracted borders and surfaces of the artist’s map-gesture.

As we navigate through a meta-map, a sound piece reciting tree names, a pebbl-y timeline and a piece of Styrofoam eroded by waves, these simultaneous distinct but reciprocal elements are turned into evidences of the times we live in, the geological phenomena we witness and the human interventions we experience. In this exhibition, Missika digs into the sensorial and affective experience of making a world voyage fit the gallery space.