Francisco Fino Art Projects

Created in May 2012, Francisco Fino Art Projects aims to become a platform for collaboration with contemporary practitioners within the visual arts.

The strategy of this independent project is not based on a physical exhibition or event space, but on a mission of establishing national and international partnerships and alliances with the potential to provide the conditions and resources needed for artists to present their work.

The programming schedule is flexible and will be driven entirely by the development of exhibition projects, both individual and collective.

Under the direction of Francisco Fino, publishing is one of the central concerns of this project, which aims to be diverse, but has a particular focus on the production of catalogues, artist monographs and other types of publication.

Thus one of Francisco Fino Art Projects’ principal objectives is to collaborate with galleries, centres of contemporary art and museums, in order to build close and consistent relationships with artists, curators and theorists engaged with the internationalisation of contemporary art through an approach which is selective, yet receptive to new strategies and areas of practice.