Serendipity or the art of reading the signs

curated by María Inés Rodríguez
14.09.2019 – 20.12.2019

Rosa Barba | Cecilia Bengolea | Carolina Caycedo | Luísa Cunha | María Angélica Medina |
Adrien Missika | Felipe Ribon and telepathically present Zak Kyes


Galeria Francisco Fino is delighted to present Serendipity or the art of reading the signs curated by María Inés Rodríguez.

Every story has a beginning, a middle and an end. Depending on where we stand, we may shift these steps one way or another. In that construction process, we are often challenged with negotiations and decisions which bear on the complexity of the social, political, economic, cultural and ecological context we live in. The different modes and meanings that life acquires, in both the subjective realm and the collective experience have an impact in the “life” and future of our planet, thus on our own future. Art regularly examines this future by questioning us and rendering visible different possibilities for action, or inaction, which allow us to recognize where we are heading, and to question the part each of us plays in this process.

This exhibition stands at an x-mark of a story, at the intersection of various pathways where, borrowing the idea serendipity, coincides a group of artists with whom I’ve shared thoughts, projects, conversions and moments of life over the years. Subjectivity, intuition and imagination, a mix of chance and awareness run through the selection of these works, which converge towards a shared interest on this stated future of the planet.

MIR, July 2019