Vasco Araújo

11.09.2021 – 20.11.2021

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Francisco Fino is delighted to present “Rehearsals” by Vasco Araújo, opening on September 11. This exhibition marks the second semestre of the gallery’s program for 2021 and will be on view until November 20th.

Rehearsals is Araújo’s second exhibition at the gallery and presents a new body of work focusing on the idea of rehearsal as an act of repetition. In the exhibition, sound and drawing sculptures, wall compositions and site specific interventions explore the tentative aspect of a duplicate gesture, as well as the places of enunciation and listening.

The series “Listening Machines” is inspired by reproduction and projection devices and lightning equipment, assembled to create sound sculptures with a sequence of recorded questions. These create moments of interaction with the audience, who is both called to listen and urged to answer, thus forging a questioning of the self and of others. Running on the gallery’s headwalls and skirtings, we find an epistolary text based upon the writings of Felix Gonzalez-Torres. The textual dimension, central to Araújo´s practice, reflects on the ephemeral and relational dimension of life and how that inflows both their artistic practices. Other photograph and texto compositions, collages and archival references complete the new works on view in this exhibition which renders “the discovery of a new scope in my work, a space in the search for freedom” as the artist discloses.