Karlos Gil

Karlos Gil studied at the School of Visuals Arts in New York and at the faculties of Fine Arts in Lisbon and Madrid where he earned his PhD in 2016.

Karlos Gil (Toledo, 1984) was awarded an International Visual Art Grant from Fundación Botín (Spain) and the Caja Madrid/Casa Encendida Art Award. He participated in different artistic residency’s programmes, namely at Gasworks (UK) and Fondazione Antonio Ratti (Italy). His work has been presented in solo and group shows, namely at: II Moscow Biennale, MMOMA (Moscow); Le19CRAC (Montbeliard, France); Fundación Botín (Spain); Centre George Pompidou (Paris); Gasworks (London, UK); Idoru (Helsinki); CA2M (Madrid); MARCO (Vigo) or La Casa Encendida (Madrid).

Karlos Gil is interested in how objects and their meaning are transformed when placed in new environments, using abstraction, fragmentation and memory to create new narratives and readings, collapsing the temporal distance between past, present and future. His latest projects reflect on the relationship between technological development and the principles of the natural world, focusing on the borderline between the organic and the artificial, the natural and the industrial.

Through a variety of media, he creates fragmentary scenarios inviting viewers to fill in a missing context by layering the artwork with encrypted backstories from the likes of industrial evolution, mythology, the occult, and biological research.

Gil has been exploring diverse forms as living encrypted systems where art acts as a hypothesis against the unknown.

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Born in Toledo, Spain, 1984.
Lives and works in Madrid, Spain.



2016 – PHD, Universidad Complutense, Madrid, ES.
2011 – School of Visual Arts, New York, USA.
2006/07 – Faculdade Belas Artes, Lisbon, PT.
2002/06 – Facultad de Bellas Artes, Madrid, ES.



2016 – Gasworks, London, UK.
2014 – Fondazione Antonio Ratti, Como, IT.



Come to Dust, Francisco Fino Gallery, Lisbon, PT.

Phantom Limb, Galeria Francisco Fino, Lisbon, PT.
Not Fish, Snake Scale, García | Galería, Madrid, ES.
Moon Museum, Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Huarte, Pamplona, ES.

Sub Rosa, García | Galería, Madrid, ES.

Like Potted Plants in an Office Lobby, Gasworks, London, UK.

T H E M O O N M U S E U M, LABoral, Gijón, ES.
The Intervals Fundación Chirivella Soriano, Valencia, ES.

Colorless Green Idea, García | Galería. Madrid, ES.


In Kepler’s Garden, Ars Electronica, Linz, AU.
An exhibition with works by, Witte de With, Rotterdam, NL.
Fluidités: l’humain que vient, Le Fresnoy, Lille, FR.
The Posthuman City, NTU CCA, Singapore, MY.
Homebound, Francisco Fino Gallery, Lisbon, PT.

Undone Dystopias, Uranus, Hong Kong, CN.
Collecting Practices, Centro Botin, Santander, ES.
Cabinet Bauhaus, Vitra Showroom, Madrid, ES.
Intruso, Salon, Madrid, ES.

Querer Parecer Noche, CA2M – Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, Madrid, ES.
, Montecristo Project, Sardinia, IT.
I’ve never thought I’d need so many people, García | Galería, Madrid, ES.
Unspoken We, W139 gallery, Amsterdam, NL.
Idea, Materia & Forma, Red Itiner, Madrid, ES.
Tender Media, Interference, Seoul, KR.

Ob Skené, a project by Belén Zahera, CAREOF, Milan, IT.
Cambio de Rumbo, Tabacalera, Madrid, ES.
I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream, curated by Clelia Colantonio, Fondazione Baruchello, Rome, IT.
Morphogenesis, Curated by João Laia, Galeria Francisco Fino, Lisbon, PT.
Protein Folding, Acephale, Hamburg, DE.
Cosmic Words, curated by Alex Alonso Díaz, Galeria Municipal da Boavista, Lisbon, PT.
Serpents Things of Light, Yaby, Madrid, ES.

The Art Fair (video screening), CaixaForum, Palma de Mallorca, ES.
Projective Ornament, García | Galería, Madrid, ES.
L´objet de repetition (trio show), curated by Alexandre Roccuzzo, CRAC Le 19, Montbéliard, FR.
Rendering the Real, curated by Benjamin Weil, Fundación Botin. Santander, ES.
MiArt, García | Galería, Stand A-19 Emergent, Milano, IT.
Forjando el Espacio, MUPAN, Málaga, ES.

Fragments of a Hologram Rose, Idoru, Helsinki, FL.
Salon Flux, Parallel, Viena, AU.
Productions and Processes, MARCO, Vigo, ES.
Generacion 15, Plataforma Revolver, Lisboa, PT.
Planes of Flow, The Living Room, London, UK.
Generacion 15, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, ES.

Aspect Ratio (with Belen Zahera), Galería Javier Silva, Valladolid, ES.
Archaeology Fabricated, Junefirst Gallery, Berlin, DE.
The Journey of Room 53, curated by Joao Silverio, Project by Francisco Fino Art Projects, Galeria Baginski, Lisbon, PT.
Retoalimentación, curated by Francesco Giaveri and Tiago Pinto, SACM, Madrid, ES.
Number, Name, Think (The Scientific Method), curated by Carlos Garaicoa, Estudio Carlos Garaicoa, Madrid, ES.

Secret Codes, curated by Agustín Perez-Rubio, Galeria Luisa Strina, São Paulo, BR.
Presente Continuo, curated by Cristina Anglada, Conde Duque, Madrid, ES.
Corso Aperto, curated by Simone Menegoi, Fondazione Antonio Ratti, Como, IT.
Open Event, curated by Belén Zahera, Salon Flux, London, UK.
Art Souterrain, curated by Bérénice Freytag, STM, Montreal, CA.
Taking Measures, curated by Marlon de Azambuja, OTR, Madrid, ES.
Duplex, Madrid, ES.

III Moscow International Biennale, Curated by Kathrin Becker, Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA), Moscow, RU.
La Condición Narrativa, curated by Alexandra Laudo, La Capella, Barcelona, ES.
Iceberg,  curated by Bernardo Sopelana, Matadero. Madrid, ES.
Far from Home, curated by Virginia Torrente, MASart, Barcelona, ES.
Flowers; Abyss; Parataxis, curated by Carlos Fdez-Pello, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, ES.
Everything Flows (PANTA REI), curated by Fisk-Tank, Rina Bouwen, Madrid, ES.

Les Rencontres Internationales, curated by Jean-François Rettig and Nathalie Hénon, HKW, Berlin, Germany and Centre George Pompidou, Paris, FR.
Experimental Station. Research and artistic phenomena, curated by A. Mengs and V. Torrente, CA2M, Madrid and LABoral, Gijón, ES.
SVA Open Studio, School of Visual Arts, New York, USA.
Taking/Giving Information. Part 1, Performance. CaixaForum, Madrid, ES.

Fresh, curated by Ulf Saupe and J.M. Pozo, Ulf Saupe, Berlin, DE.
(In)visivilidad y (Des)control, curated by Victor Zarza, Fernando Pradilla, Madrid, ES.
Intransit, curated by Javier Duero, C ART C, Madrid, ES.
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Uncanny Valley | 2019 | Single Channel 4K Video projection with 5.1 Sound | 8'04"

Monte Cristo Project
Sardinia, 2018

Phantom Limbs

Galeria Francisco Fino
Lisbon, 2017

L’objet de repetition

CRAC, Le 19
Montbéliard, 2016

Rendering the Real

Fundación Botin
Santander, 2016

Productions and Processes

Vigo, 2015

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Casa Encendida
Madrid, 2015

Like Potted Plants in an Office Lobby

London, 2014


Madrid, 2014

 T H E M O O N M U S E U M

Gijon, 2013


Madrid, 2012

Experimental Station

Gijón, 2011

Fluidités: l’humain qui vient | Le Fresnoy – Studio National des Arts Contemporains | Tourcoing, France | 07.02.20 – 29.04.20

An exhibition with works by… | Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art | Rotterdam | 19.01.20 – 19.07.20

Undone Dystopia | Uranus Gallery | Hong Kong | 26.11.19 – 20.02.20

Collecting Practices: 25 Years of Itinerarios | Centro Botín | Santander, Spain | 12.10.19 – 8.11.20